Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine

Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine – M3


▲Secondary (assist) table folded


▲ Secondary (assist) table unfolded

Secondary (assist) table at the front side and side
It is suitable for all size panel cutting
For cutting 1200mm x 2400mm size panel, skilled hand is recommended
Size (L x W x H) : 1720mm(Secondary Table) x 1515mm(Secondary Table) x 900mm
Weight : Approx. 100Kg


** To aim at exporting to overseas and so to prepare for various electrical method of each country in the world, we developed our own motor with own technology to cutting machine in Nov. 2014 and applied it to acrylic panel cutting machine, and started mass production in Feb. 2014. MR-A3100S is operated regardless of electricity type (voltage, frequency) and makes comfortable work environment due to substantially reduced noise. And, it gives improved roughness of cutting plane because the saw blade vibration is nearly zero.

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