CEO Greeting

panel cutting machine



We, Mirae LNS, have been dedicating ourselves for several years on research of the products to the goal of creating high quality products that meet customers’ needs.


Our Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine, which has been developed since 2008, was continued to reflect customers’ needs. We have developed our own motor which can be compatible to various electrical method in all over the world. Through this, we could grow our products’ capability to fit in global standard and could expand our business ability in the global market.

In addition to the previous Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine since 2008, we also recently developed large size acrylic panel cutting machine for the huge size work to meet various customers’ requests and needs. Therefore, we finally could success in expanding large-size cutting machine business capability at a certain level in the global market.

Not only that, edge trimmer, panel bending machine with our own technology have succeeded in its commercialization and finally could reached to its mass production.

All our products are certified by international standards and follow international specifications. And we hold patents for each core technology of the products. Such efforts toward the products lead us to acquire ISO 9001 certification. As we have consistently been managing all process of product manufacturing from design, development, production, test, inspection, to after-service steps, we could step forward beyond the domestic market to become a global leading company in SIGN industry field.

Through this, Mirae LNS contributes to Machinery industry. Also we do our best efforts to make eco-friendly environment and pleasant work place by equipping dust collector in all our products.We are proud that the diversified and globalized business system of Mirae LNS will definitely distinguish itself in today’s limitless competitive era regardless of its time and location.

However, we will never be satisfied with this, and will always return to the spirit of pioneer to introduce constantly newest technologies and realize high quality products. Through consistently devoting the highest level of efforts, we will pay back to your support with the best products.



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